Take a Time to Breathe

“I love the fact that you can’t get a signal, and the activities are great. This places has become like our designated family retreat.”- Melissa Landry
“The atmosphere feels like you are with God the whole week. It works as a stress reliever.”-Michelle

IMG_0002.JPGThese are a few comments that some of the parents told me when I asked them why they made Camp Yorktown Bay a go-to place to take their families for break. Boating,  swimming, horse- riding, and all the activities give the seven day “retreat” for them a little life and entertainment however, the real attraction is the serene nature and the of God’s creation.

IMG_0067.JPGAs a staff, I’ve always appreciated Family Camp for the different pace and routine that gave my summer here a little variety and spice. When I watch parents go around to the various areas and participate in the activities with their children, I feel strangely fulfilled knowing that I participated in making this week possible for them. For these campers, Family camp is a time of tranquility and a way to escape reality for one week and knowing that we, the staff of CYB, can help make that possible fills us with utmost joy and pleasure.


Written by: Julena Allen


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