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Camp’s Beauty

IMG_0312What draws children to camp year after year, is the memories they make during the previous one. The experiences they’ve had in activities, the interactions they have with staff, the security they find in seclusion, and the friends they make from strangers all play a part in making camp a haven and a heaven for the one-week children come.What draws children to Camp Yorktown Bay is the lasting relationships made with friends, the appreciation of the natural, scenic beauty, the lack of distractions from outside electronics, and the consistent spiritual encouragement.

Yorktown Blog’s Purpose

IMG_0318As parents, sending your child to camp for a week signifies significant faith and trust in the staff which we take seriously. The experiences and fulfillment that your child gains from coming to camp for that week will be shared here on The Yorktown Blog, for you to see.  Every day, a different story is shared from a new memory that has been created. We want to make camp a home away from home for each child that comes under our care and we want you, as their parent, to be able to see and vicariously experience the joys of being a camper here.