S’more Good Times.

Outpost. Carnival. Talent Show. Rodeo. Ski Show. EVERYTHING.   Teen week is ALIVE! From outpostĀ to ski show, the consistent normalcy that is found in other weeks is lost during this week. Teen camp, unlike any other week that is hosted here, takes the meaning of camp to a whole new level. A multitude of events … Continue reading S’more Good Times.


Their Experience; Their Words

"What's your favorite activity and what's one thing you've learned from it?" It's the end of the week and the full experience of camp for these campers is close to its end. Sometimes, from a staff point of view, it's hard to see if the lessons we teach have any impact on the campers and … Continue reading Their Experience; Their Words

Take a Time to Breathe

"I love the fact that you can't get a signal, and the activities are great. This places has become like our designated family retreat."- Melissa Landry "The atmosphere feels like you are with God the whole week. It works as a stress reliever."-Michelle These are a few comments that some of the parents told me … Continue reading Take a Time to Breathe