CYB appreciates each of you.

“Family camp this year flowed smoothly and was more relaxing compared to the previous years. There have been many improvements in various structures and the people are pleasant to be around.”

-The Fentons


“We’ve been coming here for the past seven years,” Chip Fenton, a father camper, told me when I asked him and his wife how often they had come to this camp. “We love to come here to spend time our family away from home. It’s affordable and a great place to relax.”



IMG_0065As the week of family camp winds to a close, I went out amongst our family campers to see how they were enjoying themselves and how the week went for them. The response I received was overwhelmingly positive! IMG_0143The energy and willingness of the campers this year made the week fly by and each program fun to present. From the children all the way to the grandparents, the individuals that came each brought their own unique personalities that made each day an adventure. This week would not have gone as smoothly as it did if it weren’t for each of the families. Thank you, family!

Written by: Julena Allen


One thought on “CYB appreciates each of you.

  1. Being a camper and later working at CYB was some of the best experiences of my life. I have been grateful to share a bit of that experience with my family. My kids even cried when we left and my daughter asked me to come on her own as a camper.
    Date night was AWESOME! It was actually our 15th Anniversary that day, couldn’t have planned it better myself. The Staff seriously outdid themselves! Thanks, Gautreaux Family☺


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