Family Time

IMG_0069God’s handpicked gift to us was that He designated people in our life to be our first greeting to this magnificent globe we call home.


Though we can’t choose our mother, father, or siblings, we can choose to love them just as they are. We can choose to spend time with them, little or much, and get to know the people who know us best.  They are there in our brightest and darkest moments- why wouldn’t we want to cherish them?

IMG_0100Summer camp isn’t just for children to enjoy, parents can join us too! Family camp, a week designed for families to come to Yorktown, is a  laid-back, carefree week for parents to escape reality with the people they love most. Activities are available for entertainment and the scenery is gorgeous for a vacation experience.


IMG_0058This year for Family Camp, families from all over have come to worship and have fun with us at CYB. For some, it is their first year and others have been here for three or four years. With fewer campers than the other camps, everything is slow paced to create that easy-going atmosphere that parents love and make the week relaxing for the parents and fun for their children.

Written By: Julena Allen


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