As We Near the End…

"I've seen so much growth with these campers. They are always so enthusiastic and excited to learn and try new things. They feed off our energy and are so responsive. As a staff member, watching the campers work past their differences and try to get along with one another for the week is inspiring and … Continue reading As We Near the End…


Take it From the Campers

"I like ropes because it goes really fast and refreshes me." -Benjamin Pablo "I like ceramics because I get to paint; I like ropes because I can swing from high heights." -Liselle Borges   Laughter, excited screams, and chatter can be heard throughout the camp as the children become more comfortable with their cabin mates … Continue reading Take it From the Campers

The Reality of Staff Week

There's no denying that staff week is probably one of hardest yet enjoyable weeks of the summer. From meetings to manual labor to the staff party, the staff that is chosen every summer hit the ground running as soon as they arrive to┬áprepare for the campers that will soon come the following week. This week … Continue reading The Reality of Staff Week