S’more Good Times.



Talent Show.


Ski Show.




Teen week is ALIVE!

IMG_0402From outpost to ski show, the consistent normalcy that is found in other weeks is lost during this week. Teen camp, unlike any other week that is hosted here, takes the meaning of camp to a whole new level. A multitude of events is planned for the enjoyment of the campers in a week’s span that makes the seven initial days seem like three. Words are inadequate to describe the intensity and liveliness that this week has contained so far. Yet with all the chaotic thrill, the campers have kept up an enthusiastic spirit which has made the extreme week blissful.


IMG_0390On Tuesday, all 120 campers were divided into the nine major area groups and whisked off to different places for the outpost of their interest. Some campers stayed on camp’s ground while others went away for a day and a half. There they spent their time with friends of like minds enjoying the activity they love.IMG_0442


Talent Show and Carnival.

Wednesday afternoon, everyone safely arrived back on campgrounds to indulge themselves in their third activity before preparing for talent show and carnival. Exhaustion, sweet and tempting as it may have been,  did not keep them from wholeheartedly displaying their talents and hurling themselves down the foam slide that was presented during the carnival. A parade of talents was presented that night- singers, comedians, gymnasts and more!


And now, the end of the week has arrived. The fun has nearly reached its end. These teens have had a full week but kept a positive energy through it all. As I watched them go from day to day, absorb the fun and never complain, it fueled me with much-needed energy to continue. I am greatly indebted to each of these campers who enriched my life by just being themselves. I came to Camp Yorktown Bay to minister to these children and instead became blessed by them. I want to thank you, the parents, for giving Camp Yorktown Bay’s staff the opportunity to minister to your children for a week and in return be blessed by the amazing individuals you’ve raised.

Written by: Julena Allen



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