Their Experience; Their Words

“What’s your favorite activity and what’s one thing you’ve learned from it?”

It’s the end of the week and the full experience of camp for these campers is close to its end. Sometimes, from a staff point of view, it’s hard to see if the lessons we teach have any impact on the campers and if they learn anything from it. So, I thought it would be a good idea to hear what the campers thought of their favorite activities. Here’s what they had to say.



Favorite activity: Ropes

“The straps of the swing is like God’s arms and the rope is your distractions that are holding you back.” -Celeste Galvan




Favorite activity: Swimming. 

“If you do your best you can achieve your goals.”- Aida Soare





Favorite activity: Crafts

“I made something in crafts that reinforced in my mind something that Pastor Carlos stated in one of the morning devotions- embrace my uniqueness.” -Jennifer Perez




Favorite activity: Ropes

“I learned that working together with others is important also that you must learn to trust others and believe in them.” -Emily Collier





Favorite activity: Rockwall

“If you keep on trying you’ll make it at least once.” -Andrew Echeveria





 Favorite activity: Rockwall

“A little encouragement goes a long way.” – Eugene Rainer






Favorite activity: Nature

“I learn things about nature.”

-Sophia Patterson






Favorite activity: Horsebarn

“God is the rider and we are the horses. He tries to lead us but we don’t always listen.”- Rylan Rassmussen





Favorite activity: Kayaking

“It can be hard.”- Braxton Brents








Favorite activity: The gift shop

“It’s expensive but the people there are totally worth the expense.” – Clayton Owens


Every child is different. Each is touched in a unique way that we don’t always see.

Our job, as the staff, is to let God use us in whatever way He can, to minister and to be a friend to the children we see each week. Some of the answers I received were deep, others simple, and a few struck me as comical but the lessons that were taught stuck with them and that’s all one can hope for. It’s inspiring to see that the work done here is resonating with the campers as well as encouraging. I pray that these campers may never forget the experiences they received here and the lessons they learned.

Written by: Julena Allen






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