As We Near the End…

“I’ve seen so much growth with these campers. They are always so enthusiastic and excited to learn and try new things. They feed off our energy and are so responsive. As a staff member, watching the campers work past their differences and try to get along with one another for the week is inspiring and touching to see; I’m grateful for these campers.”- Brenda Perez, Girl’s Director

DSC_0141.JPGAs a staff, seeing the receptiveness and enthusiasm of campers is one of the most inspiring and rewarding things to see. It is also one of the main appeals that keep the staff working here summer after summer. Just to know that campers are happy and love their activities gives us, as staff, a sense of fulfillment because the effort we put forth is not only accepted but loved.

DSC_0164The programs that are presented to the children this week has had an overwhelming response.  Numerous children signed up for the talent show, rodeo, and ski show which made each of the events more memorable in the staff’s minds. Hoping that this sentiment didn’t only go one way, a few of us went amongst the campers to see what they personally thought of their time here. Here’s what they told us-

“I like learning how to balance and achieve new things. Coming to camp and participating in activities like ropes, gymnastics, rock wall and others, has been really fun because I feel like I get to challenge myself and I like a good challenge!”– Victoria Sejour

“Ceramics, Rockwall, and braiding are my favorite activities here. I enjoy figuring things out and concentrate on things and I find that these things help.”Layla Owen

“I learned about shutter speed, digital zoom vs. optical zoom, how to work the drone, and final cut pro X.”– Angel Moseley

“I learned how to swim.” -Jesse Dominguez

DSC_0031The challenges they find in each activity, the people they meet, the skills they learned- they loved them all, they said.  We discovered that for these junior campers it wasn’t just about the fun but the learning experience also appealed to them. They enjoyed the fact that they could learn in an entertaining way.

It’s sobering and frightening at times to know that we, as young adults, are being looked up to and admired by other people. However, when we come to camp we realize that not only are we admired, but also have the ability to make a difference in the children’s lives even if it is only for one week.



2 thoughts on “As We Near the End…

  1. I have a question my son was there last week for juniors allan cruz he is a pathfinder but the person that register him didn’t put him as a pathfinder is there anyway he can get the patches or if I can get a list of the patches they were going to receive so I can talk to his director from springtown.


    1. Hello Miss Eugenia, thank you so much for your response. Your son completed the beginners swimming honor, however, we ran out of patches. He also began the Archery honor but was not able to finish all the requirements. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions.


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