It’s Their Time

IMG_0142 yes (8)

Yesterday’s rodeo and today’s ski show are the highlighted events of the week. It gives campers an opportunity to show off the skills they’ve learned throughout the week in one night.

yesThe rodeo was a thrill.  Music, screams, and laughter reverberated throughout the camp from the small confines of the horse barn arena. The arena was filled with the pounding hooves of the horses and the squeals from the children.  Clowns pranced, danced, and chased each other around the arena attracting the attention of the children and those participating in the event could be seen smiling. IMG_0317The small expression was as large as their American pride. It was a dusty, loud, and fun night that ended with a game of tug of war.

yes (10)

Ski show was equally exciting- wet but fun! Music blared and participating campers showed off the water tricks they learned like wakeboarding and waterskiing while the others sat on the docks and cheered them on.


mattie wake

Staff went around with buckets splashing both camper and staff alike to cool them off from the intense Arkansian heat.  After the show, the kids were allowed to stay in the lake and have a free swim before heading back to their cabins to dry, change and go to the cafe to eat their lunch.


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