Take it From the Campers

“I like ropes because it goes really fast and refreshes me.” -Benjamin Pablo

“I like ceramics because I get to paint; I like ropes because I can swing from high heights.” -Liselle Borges


Laughter, excited screams, and chatter can be heard throughout the camp as the children become more comfortable with their cabin mates and counselors. The activities have become an adventure and a learning experience for each child. From the thrilling ropes, down to the calming ceramics, each area has struck a different cord with the children; everyone has either found or are in the processes of finding the activities that ignite their passion and drive.



“I really like coming to camp,” says Rebekah Grant, a cub camper. “I learn stuff like how to tube, kayak, how to climb a rock wall, almost anything. I will definitely come again.”



But having fun and learning new skills, such as archery and swimming, isn’t the only thing that has our campers thrilled to wake up every morning. The morning and evening talks also resonate with the campers. Chloe Johnson says, “I like the worship talks. I learn a lot about God.” It inspires them to develop a relationship with the God who created everything for them to enjoy. As a staff, I’m thrilled to see so many campers enjoying themselves and learning much from it as well.

Written by: Julena Allen



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