The Reality of Staff Week


There’s no denying that staff week is probably one of hardest yet enjoyable weeks of the summer. From meetings to manual labor to the staff party, the staff that is chosen every summer hit the ground running as soon as they arrive to prepare for the campers that will soon come the following week.


This week is dedicated to preparing the campground and making sure we, as staff, are ready for any emergency situation. We go over the procedures for a drag (when a child has disappeared in the water) and lost camper (when a child is lost on land). It is also mandatory for us to be certified in CPR and First Aid.

Though it can be stressful and demanding,  the lessons we learn and the leadership skills we are taught, to guide the children that come under our care, is rewarding and satisfying.

After being together day and night for 168 hours, we, the 2017 summer staff of CYB, are officially ready to greet our campers and provide a week of safety and fun for them to enjoy.

Written by: Julena Allen


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